Far Ahead Bowhunting T-Shirt


Our Provider tee is made from a soft and comfortable 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton blend. Whether you're indoors or outdoors our tee has been designed for everyday wear, hemp's durability ensures your tee will last you years, not weeks.

Natural – Breathable – Sustainable – Comfortable

Why Hemp? Hemp is a natural fibre and its cultivation has a low impact on the environment. It uses little to no irrigation (does not require synthetic fertilizers). Hemp roots dig deep into the earth which helps prevent erosion and replenishes vital nutrients in the soil.
Classic, standard fit
Soft and comfortable hemp blend
Non-synthetic cotton labelling
Colours – Earth green, Earth brown
Breathable, naturally moisture-wicking and odour resistant
Natural and non-synthetic, made from sustainable plant-based fibres
Machine washable