Pretender Series Arrow (6.2mm)


Far Ahead Bowhunting’s Pretender arrow is Australia’s No.1 complete 6.2mm target arrow. These arrows have been designed to suit the modern bowhunter.

6.2mm ID, .003” straightness, 3 degree pre-fletched 2.25” pretender vanes, Aluminum insert (9gn) and your choice of a 100gn/125gn field tip makes this arrow an unmatched quality design.

Up your game, provide for your next hunt!

  • Sold in dozens (12 pieces)
  • Total length of shaft uncut is 31 inches
  • 300 spine (8.60GPI) 7.46mm OD, 350 spine (7.57GPI) 7.30mm OD, 400 spine (6.83GPI) 7.20mm OD
  • Tolerance +-3gn total shaft
  • All shafts come complete with vanes, insert, field tip and nocks