Pretender Series Arrow (6.2mm)


Arrow cutting (carbon to carbon)

Pretender Series

Far Ahead Bowhunting’s Pretender arrow is Australia’s No.1 complete 6.2mm hunting arrow. These arrows have been designed to suit the modern bowhunter.
6.2mm OD, .003” straightness, 3 degree pre-fletched 2.25” pretender vanes, stainless steel insert and a 100g field tip makes this arrow an unmatched quality design.
Up your game, provide for your next hunt!
Sold in dozens (12 pieces).
Total length of shaft uncut is 31 inches.
300 spine (8.60GPI), 350 spine (7.57GPI), 400 spine (6.83GPI) Tolerance +-3gn total shaft.
All shafts come complete with vanes, insert, field tip and nocks.